Patent No. 5,229,015

Oil Water Separator with unique
"coalescer balls" design.

Kleerwater™ Technologies, LLC is a consortium of Underwriters Laboratories listed underground and aboveground steel tank fabricators. Each company has over 70 years experience in the steel fabrication and process tank and vessel manufacturing.

Kleerwater™Technologies, LLC goal is to manufacture the most highly efficient, cost effective, oil water separator available in today’s market. Kleerwater’s new patented coalescing process strips the oil from water like no other process technology. The "Coalescer Balls" are a new technological breakthrough in coalesing media for oil water separators. Kleerwater™ separators are the result of years of research and testing resulting in improved efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, environmentally sound product. Kleerwater™ advanced separators are adaptable for a wide range of applications and flow rates.

Kleerwater™ Gravity Oil / Water Separators separate free floating oils and greases from water mixtures and is designed based on Stokes Law which defines the terminal velocity of oil spheres in a liquid medium.

Kleerwater™’s coalescer “ball” design provides exceptional liquid flow-through properties while offering unequalled separation efficiency. Each cubic foot of coalescing media provides 80 square feet of area for superior separation. This allows Kleerwater™ oil water separators to be sized smaller than other separators in the marketplace for equivalent flow rates.

Kleerwater’s patented single coalescer design provides superior oil/water separation at flow rates necessary to meet storm water run off amounts throughout the United States.

Influent is distributed evenly at the front of the separator and distributed through the coalescer assembly to enhance solids settlement and even flow,

The specialized coalescer assembly increases the size of the oil globules, thereby increasing the rate of rise and separation of the oil and grease from the water media.

Design includes not only a high efficiency oil water separator, but also provides a grit collection chamber that is easily accessible from grade level. The grit chamber keeps the grit segregated from the oil water separator, allowing the oil water separator section of the tank to continue its high separation efficiency, and facilitates removal of grit during routine cleaning.

The separator chamber is designed for optimum separation of oil mixtures as a function of surface area and retention times This separation chamber has a maximum oil storage capacity of 40%.

Direct access to grit chamber and coalescers can be made from grade level through grade manways. When routine cleaning maintenance is required, Kleerwater’s coalescer “ball” design provides efficient, easy cleaning for more cost-effective maintenance and less down time, with no confined space entry requirement. That’s right – maintenance personnel do NOT need to enter the separator for routine cleaning.

Separators may be single or double wall construction and rigidly adhere to Underwriters Laboratories UL-58, UL-142, UL-1746, and UL-2215 standards and specifications. Effluent output concentrations can meet the strictest of requirements with regard to State and Federal mandates under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Clean Water Act.

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